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Unmanned vehicle mobility platform company


드론용 자동충전 스테이션 기반의 드론 분야 자동운영 시스템 개발 및 서비스를 시작으로, 무인 이동체 통합 운영 플랫폼을 개발, 판매를 주사업으로 한다.


DIB (Drone-In-a-Box)

Main components of DIB (Drone-In-a-Box) that implements drone automatic operation system

Core products of drone automatic operation system
automatic charging station

The station for drones developed/produced by Argosdyne can be selected as a fixed or mobile type depending on the operating environment and purpose.

  • With the auto-charging function, it enables the drone to repeatedly autonomously fly missions.

  • Through the precision landing guidance function using IR-Beacon, the drone can always land accurately and stably on the station.

  • GCS allows remote control of the station's behavior.

CUNA 그림자.png

Drones for long-term control missions
autonomous flying drone

The drone for control mission produced by Argosdyne is an automatic charging drone that performs continuous missions in conjunction with the station .

  • Perform repetitive automatic mission flights with station precision landing and automatic charging.

  • The self-developed GCS, argosALES, enables automatic mission flight setup and monitoring.

  • Aquila, a drone for long-term missions, can fly for up to 60 minutes based on hovering.

HUMMER 정면2_IMG_2258

GCS for drone/station remote control
Ground Control System ARGOSALES

ArgosALES, a ground control system for drones/stations developed by Argosdyne, allows you to remotely control drones and stations from anywhere in the Internet environment.


​rondo system

based on automatic charging station

Drone automatic operation and control service


Rondo is the service name of the drone automatic operation platform developed by Argosdyne. Based on precision landing and automatic charging stations, reliable and repeatable missions can be performed without pilot intervention.

  • Argosdyne's automatic operation system for unmanned regular patrol drones, Rondo, uses control drones, automatic charging stations and ground control systems to reduce operational dependence on drone pilots and enable safer and more accurate mission flight.

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​wildfire monitoring


​highway control


​Industrial infrastructure control


Construction site monitoring

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