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Construction site monitoring


Argosdyne deploys stations and automatic patrol drones at large construction/construction sites to monitor the site with automatic regular patrols without actual flying personnel, and remotely controls drones and stations and manages the site.

With automatic regular patrols and real-time monitoring, you can prepare for accidents or emergencies that occur on-site.  

You can map and take pictures at each point where the drone flies, and leave it as an orthogonal picture of the site to check the construction progress and progress.

화면 캡처 2022-03-31 112256.png

Real-time monitoring of the site

You can manage the site remotely.


the droneMapping while flying, and at each flight point  Take a picture .

화면 캡처 2022-03-31 104624.png

Photos or videos taken

Real-time download is available.


Photos taken while flying

Recorded as an on-site orthophoto.

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