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wildfire monitoring


Argosdyne deploys drones and mobile stations that can be operated in mountainous areas in the forest to establish a forest regular patrol system, and plays a role in strengthening forest security by monitoring criminals such as trespassing and arson.

Using LTE communication, remote control of drones and stations and real-time monitoring are possible, enabling faster response in case of wildfires or emergency situations. ​​

Thermal imaging cameras can also be used to detect wildfires, as well as to detect missing and distressed people.


The drone is equipped with a thermal imaging camera.  In addition to monitoring forest fires, it is possible to rescue the missing and distressed people in the mountains.


The temperature is displayed on the thermal imager screen.

You can detect a fire by its temperature.


route to fly

directlycan be specified.


while the drone is flying

Real-time monitoring is possible.


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