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​rondo system

based on automatic charging station

Drone automatic operation and control service

  • Patrol regular patrol

By utilizing argosALES, the ground control system for drones developed by Argosdyne, and an automatic charging station, you can conveniently set up and operate regular and continuous automatic patrol flight plans.

  • unattended automatic charging

Argosdyne's drone is linked to the charging station and automatically starts charging the battery when the station lands. Enables continuous automatic mission flight without manual battery replacement.

  • precision automatic landing

Argosdyne's drones and stations overcome GPS errors to provide precise automatic landing functions. By automatically and safely landing on the station, it performs automatic charging and continuous flight.


SMART, Rondo Mobility System

  • continuous monitoring activities

​ By using rondo in areas requiring constant patrol and control, such as security facilities or accident-prone areas, it is possible to practically overcome the limitations of drone flight time and mission range as well as automated continuous monitoring activities .

  • live streaming

The video taken by the drone is transmitted to the GCS or control center for remote monitoring, and if it is linked with the local government integrated platform, it can respond to incidents/accidents through a cooperative system with related organizations.

Rondo system operation sequence

 1. Flight mission presets

  • Route / Altitude / Mission Action

  • Take-off time/repeat mission settings

2. Automatic scheduled takeoff

  • Automatic take-off according to set conditions

  • Auto recharge while waiting for a mission


3. Unmanned regular patrol

  • video monitoring

  • control center linkage

4. Precision landing and automatic filling

  • ​Automatically perform repetitive missions after automatic charging

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