Rondo Mobility System

DIB platform of Argosdyne

Rondo Mobility Platform

Rondo is the service name of the automatic drone operation platform developed by Argosdyne. Based on precision landing and automatic charging stations, reliable and repeatable missions can be achieved without pilot intervention

  • The intersection of drones, stations and automated control systems: The Rondo platform makes drones more effective.
  • Argosdyne’s automatic operation system for unmanned regular patrol drones, Rondo, uses control drones, automatic charging stations and ground control programs to reduce operational dependence on drone pilots so a to enable safer and more accurate mission flight.

SMART, RONDO Mobility System

Drone system optimized for unmanned regular patrol

By using Rondo in areas requiring constant patrol and control, such as security facilities or accident-prone areas, it is possible to practically overcome the limitations of drone flight time and mission range as well as automated continuous monitoring activities.

Live Streaming

The video captured by the drone is being transmitted to the GCS or control center for remote monitoring, and upon connection to the local government integrated platform, it can respond to incidents/accidents through a cooperative system with respective organizations.

DIB Service using Outdoor Fixed deployment type

DIB Service using Portable type

Scenario - DIB Service using Portable Type