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drone station


What is a drone station?

The core of the drone automatic operation system, the drone automatic charging station

The drone station works in conjunction with the RONDO Mobility System , an automatic drone operation platform, to automatically charge and

Equipment that supports automatic take-off and landing.

The drone station is an essential element in industrial sites that want to perform continuous and repetitive automatic flight missions using drones. It is a means of practically overcoming distance.

​ It is also an efficient drone operation solution that allows you to automate the entire drone operation process without the hassle of replacing the battery yourself.

​Drone station is divided into fixed type and mobile type depending on the operating environment and purpose of introduction.

By arranging a station suitable for each environment,

Feel the technology of Argosdyne automatic charging station.

Fixed station CUNA2.0

The stationary station CUNA2.0 houses the drone,
It can be deployed and operated directly in an outdoor environment.

  • Drone Retractable Dome Structure / Top Retractable

  • ​Automatic charging and precision landing support

  • Supports internal cooling and heating functions

  • Size: 1135 x 1080 x 1082mm

  • Weight: about 170kg

  • Power: 220V single phase (13A)

  • Charging power: up to 700W

  • Charging time: within 50 minutes

  • Precision Landing: Landing Beacon

  • ​Positioning: Dual-GPS

  • ​Waterproof and Dustproof : IP43

After landing at the station, the drone

Actuator that moves to the correct position

Suitable when regular repetitive patrols are required in a specific area

Maintains temperature all year round

​cooling/heating function support

차량용 스테이션 PORTUS-M

PORTUS-M은 트럭, 장갑차 등의 차량에 장착하여 이동이 가능한 스테이션입니다. 더 넓은 구역을 관리할 때 적합한 장비입니다.

  • 이동이 용이한 차량 장착형 스테이션

  • ​자동 충전과 정밀 착륙 지원

  • ​사이즈 : 895 x 880 x 145mm

  • 무게 : 총 약 50kg (23kg, 배터리팩 26kg)

  • 충전 모듈 : 무선 충전형

  • 전원 : 리듐 이온 배터리(8S) x 4ea

  • 충전 시간 : 50분 이내

  • 정밀 착륙 : Landing Beacon

  • ​포지셔닝 : Dual-GPS


Can be moved anytime, anywhere

stationCan be deployed and operated

For vehicles and moving objects such as trucks

Efficient operation by loading

Even when the position of the station changes or moves,

The aircraft recognizes the station's position and automatically lands

휴대용 스테이션 PORTUS-P

PORTUS-P는 스테이션에 드론 수납이 가능하여 수납한 상태로 함께 휴대하면서 
운영할 수 있습니다.

  • 이동이 용이한 차량 장착형 스테이션

  • ​자동 충전과 정밀 착륙 지원

  • ​사이즈 : 714 x 714 x 474mm

  • 무게 : 약

  • 충전 모듈 : 무선 충전형

  • 충전 시간 : 50분 이내

  • 정밀 착륙 : Landing Beacon

  • ​포지셔닝 : Dual-GPS


스테이션 장비 내부에 드론 수납 후

​휴대 및 이동이 가능한 캐리어형 스테이션

※ Precautions when using the station

▶  When installing the station, install it in a place where there is no magnetic interference nearby. Accuracy may decrease during automatic landing.

▶  When installing the station, install it in a place free from obstacles. There is a risk of landing unstable or falling due to collision or vortex phenomenon.

▶  Direct physical contact with the charging pad is prohibited. There is a risk of electric shock.

▶  Do not directly climb on the top of the station or place any other objects (electronic devices, stones, liquids such as beverages, etc.) other than the drone that meets the standard. It may cause product malfunction.

▶  When installing the station, adjust it to keep it level with the ground.

▶  Do not try to move the landing guide arbitrarily or apply excessive force.

▶  When performing drone missions using the station, lock the door at the bottom of the station and use it. It may cause an accident.

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