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assignment and usecase

The Road Corporation needed drones and stations to deploy near highways to remotely control and monitor road conditions in real time, and to conduct regular patrol flights on highway sections.  

Argos Dine introduced fixed stations and drones at the Hoengseong branch of the Yeongdong Expressway to support regular patrol flights in both directions in Yeongdong and Yeongseo,  We have prepared a system that can identify and respond to the situation through remote drone, station control, and real-time monitoring in the event of a traffic accident.

In addition, the drone is equipped with a speaker and a searchlight to support the announcement function, night flight, and shooting functions.


Equipped with speaker and searchlight

The drone can be equipped with a speaker and searchlight to broadcast road information and patrol at night.


drone remotely

station control

A system that can open and close the station door remotely is possible so that the drone can take off immediately in case of an emergency to understand and respond to the situation

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