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National Forest Varieties Management Center

assignment and usecase

The Forest Varieties Management Center is currentlyFor the 'Excellent Seed Cloning and Airstrike' project, we are operating a site for supplying excellent species, called 'seed gardens' nationwide. The fields that the Forest Breeding Center would like to use drones and stations are seed production forecasting, plantation management in the orchard, and AI-linked monitoring. It was a field.

In response, Argosdyne introduced stations and drones to the Forest Breeding Center to protect and monitor the seed garden, and also supports the identification of fruit quantity, vegetation management, and mapping using a high-definition zoom gimbal camera.


​forest area control

Enhancing the security of seed gardens through forest area monitoring and reconnaissance

The drone is controlled remotely and can take off, fly, and land without a pilot.

두번째 촬영 사진YUN_0015.JPG

​Orchard protection and vegetation management

​By attaching a camera equipped with high-definition streaming and zoom function to the drone, mapping work and on-site real-time monitoring are possible, protecting the harvest garden and enhancing management efficiency.

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