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Korea Forest Service

assignment and usecase

The Uljin National Forest Management Office of the Southern Regional Forest Service developed a station and drone that can be moved, transported, and deployed in mountainous terrain and that can be loaded and operated in a vehicle, and required an AI-based forest disaster detection and unmanned forest monitoring operation system using it. .

Argosdyne developed a mobile automatic charging station that can be operated anywhere in the mountainous region, and has prepared a system to quickly respond to forest disasters by using a continuous forest circulation monitoring system and real-time monitoring of images captured by drones. They are also equipped with thermal imaging cameras to monitor and identify wildfires, survivors and trespassers.


Forest disaster continuous cycle monitoring

​Forest disasters (forest fires, landslides, etc.)  Maintaining continuous circulation monitoring system


suitable for mountainous terrain

mobile station

It can be operated in mountainous terrain and can be operated anytime, anywhere by deploying a mobile station that can be loaded into a vehicle

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