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modern construction

assignment and usecase

The Hyundai Construction Race Site was preparing to build its own construction automation platform and remote site management system, and required remote management of the construction site using drones and stations and a real-time video streaming service.

Argosdyne introduced a fixed station and drone to remotely manage the construction site, to check the construction progress and progress, and to use GCS to control the drone remotely and direct flight route designation, mapping work, and orthographic photography. I did.


Fixed station suitable for continuous patrol flights in specific areas

By arranging a stationary station that makes it easy to store the drone, continuous patrol is possible by automatically charging and re-flying at the station after flight.

MicrosoftTeams-image (15).png

Direct designation of the flight zone

Drone, station remote control

​You can directly set the flight zone using the ground control system and change it at any time, and it is convenient because you can remotely control the drone and station

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